Jackie Chan cracks his rib and injures himself during filming

24 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

Jackie Chan and Fan BingBing’s action film, SKIPTRACE, has had a series of accidents.

Aside from last Wednesday’s (Dec 17) accident, where cinematographer Chan Kwok Hung drowned, Jackie also had a little accident. He cracked seven ribs on his right side after working on a stunt scene, according to Hktopten.

Jackie explained how he was injured on the set yesterday. He had a scene where he jumped from above, but during the scene, he slipped and his hip hit a metal piece. The slip resulted in cracked ribs.

However, to keep up with the production schedule, Jackie decided against going to the doctor and continued filming.

The day after the accident, the injury was slightly better, but on the third day, his condition deteriorated. Whenever he sneezed, he aggravated the injuries and ended up being unable to move from the pain.

He ended up going to the orthopedist and staying in the hospital for the night.

He said, “Now, I have to stabilize the injured area. It hurts a lot even when I sneeze. I try not to sneeze.”

Jackie Chan also mentioned that this time, he aggravated an old foot injury. Thankfully, he has already completed the shoot, so he has time to rest.

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