Jackie Chan claims he has so many treasures, he has filled up 8 warehouses with them

3 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Jackie Chan (成龍) may be the richest star in Asia. Working in entertainment for decades, the 60-old was rumored to have accumulated massive riches from film projects and investments. Recently, local media compiled a list of his currently known assets, including some surprising properties and treasures that make up a large part of his alleged $2 billion HKD fortune.

According to an article in Popular Asians, as an world-famous movie star, Jackie was able to command a high salary, even from Hollywood studios. He reportedly earned $15 million USD for his role in Rush Hour 3 <尖峰時刻 3>, and received the same rate later for The Forbidden Kingdom <功夫之王>. In addition, he was given a cut of ticket sales as well as the films’ distribution rights in Asia, further padding his wallet.

Although he has already earned more than anyone can dream of from just being on film sets, Jackie also supplemented his income with successful real estate investments. He allegedly owns several luxury properties in the United States, Australia, and Mainland China, and has put down over $100 million HKD on a piece of land in Hong Kong. He reportedly earns over $70 million HKD a year from these investments alone.

With a seemingly endless savings account, Jackie easily spent it on his favorite items. In addition to dozens of sports cars, expensive rugs, and a private jet worth $200 million HKD, he also purchased several antique furniture and paintings from famous masters, as well as ancient houses and pavilions in the Mainland.

At a recent charity auction, Jackie claimed that he has so many treasures they filled up eight warehouses. He donated several items at the event, saying that he is even willing to pledge real estate for good cause. Indeed, he has been renovating some of his ancient properties in the past few years and has gifted them to Mainland towns and to Singapore.

Perhaps age has finally shifted his priorities, nowadays, Jackie seems much more willing to put his assets to better use. “Before, I would feel reluctant [to part with these items], but not anymore. I would even donate houses if I cannot find space to store [my items] in Hong Kong, I will give them all away.”

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