Jackie Chan beats Sammo Hung at Hong Kong Film Awards

15 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Jackie Chan beat his colleagues Sammo Hung Kam Bo and Chin Kar Lok to win the award for Best Action Choreography at the 32nd Hong Kong Film Awards.Mingpao reports that Jackie said, "I would share this award with Sammo and Kar Lok. We are a family, it doesn't matter who wins the award. This time is my 8th Best Action Choreography award."The 9th Huading Awards that was held at the Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre recently has chosen Jackie Chan as its Best Director for the first time.As reported on Groove Asia website, the multi-talented star, who won the title for his directorial effort, "CZ12", expressed, "I've been acting for 53 years and have neither cared for awards, nor do I have any fate with awards. This is my first film director award in Hong Kong. I got it before a long time ago in Japan."The 59-year-old actor enthused, "I will continue to work in this industry, but I will no longer be a director. Directing is too difficult. "Project A" even took seven years to prepare. How many more years do I have!"Speaking about the film, "CZ12" that won him the award, Jackie stated, "I didn't expect that the movie would be that popular and earn so much in Southeast Asia. The film hasn't released overseas yet, but a film is like making a bet. It's either all or, nothing."Nicholas Tse, Andy Lau, Fan Bingbing, Jackie Chan, Chapman To, Joey Yung, Leo Ku, and Charlene Choi were some of the stars that attended the event.Pictures 1 to 23 shoy the Hong Kong Film Awards, while the rest show the Huading Awards.

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