Jackie Chan almost married a Korean girl

1 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Jackie Chan surprised the viewers on ‘˜Knee Drop Guru‘˜ by revealing that he could have married a Korean woman that he dated for 8 years.On February 28, Jackie Chan guest starred on MBC‘˜s ‘˜Knee Drop Guru’ and shared some of his life stories. During one segment, the subject of Jackie when he lived in Korea was brought up.He shared, “From ages 18 to 20, I lived in Myung Dong, Korea. I wasn’t famous back then and I went to Korea to work as a stunt double. There was a curfew set in place and the only places that open at 4 am were night clubs. I fell for a woman there and talked to her often.‘He continued, “There weren’t any cell phones back then. I was in Hong Kong and my girlfriend was in Korea, so when I wanted to call I had to go to the telephone company. When I called her, I would say things like ‘˜honey’, ‘˜is it cold in Korea?’, and ‘˜Kiss.’ However, I became busy and didn’t have the money to call so over time we naturally grew apart. If it was easy like it is now to make phone calls, I would’ve married her.‘Meanwhile, Jackie Chan is promoting his new movie ‘˜Chinese Zodiac‘˜ where viewers can get a taste of his real action moves.

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