J-rocker who stole from bandmates fired -- again

7 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

VizeL’s vocalist Haku who has been fired because of stealing money from his band members again, reports J-Pop Asia.Earlier this year the vocalist changed his name from haku to hyuga and formed a new band named “Xrista‘. The other members of that new band are guitarist lyo (ex-OROCHI as yukimura), guitarist re, bassist yuuki (DearVicious as umi) and drummer kiyo (ex-Dear L’Novel).Those members fired hyuga due to many different reasons. He didn’t appear at the studio for recording and borrowed money from the other members but never gave it back.Moreover, he didn’t appear at their live on March 3rd so that the band had to perform without their vocalist. Hyuga let kiyo know that he couldn’t perform because of an accident but it turned out that this accident never happened.

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