Ivy on her plastic surgery: "It's not like I got a whole new face"

2 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago
Singer Ivy opened up and shared that she went under the knife.
According to an article in Soompi, on July 1, she appeared as one of the guests on Mnet’s “Beatles Code‘ where the emcees revealed that she is a “power blogger‘ ‘“ a blogger who attracts a high following of readers.

Ivy commented that a number of readers would ask her questions and quite a few would ask about plastic surgery.

To this, MC Yoo Sang Moo asked, “You didn’t do plastic surgery, right?‘ Ivy truthfully answered, “I can’t say that I didn’t.

However, it’s not like how people think and that I got a whole new face.

‘She added, “As you can see from my childhood photo, even my double eyelids are natural.

‘View the gallery for recent photos from Ivy's trip to Thailand, which first incited rumours of her having undergone plastic surgery.

The gallery also features other stars who are rumoured to have gone under the knife.
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