Ivy Chen gets together BF -- only to get cheated on one month later

28 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago

Taiwanese actress Ivy Chen acknowledged her relationship with her hairstylist boyfriend, Tom, last month.

However, Taiwanese media reported that Tom actually has a girlfriend, and Ivy has unknowingly become a third party, reports Asian Pop News.

Tom’s girlfriend, Eva reportedly is also a hairstylist and an investor in Tom’s hair salon.

Last week, Tom helped Ivy with her hair for the Golden Horse Awards, and also attended the ceremony with her.

After the event, the couple went off for a supper.

The next day, Tom’s alleged girlfriend, Eva, was seen leaving his house.

Prior to this, she was also seen going to his house many times.

Eva’s friend revealed that she had been dating Tom for 5 years.

Tom is reportedly in love with both women, he is not willing to let either go.

Eva has since denied her relationship with Tom, and stressed that they are friends.

She said she only visited his house with a group of friends.

Meanwhile, during an online interview yesterday, Ivy was asked by netizens, “Which type of man is a scum – a Virgo man or a Pisces man?”

Ivy replied, “They are all scums.”

Coincidentally, Tom’s birthday falls on 6 September, and he happens to be a Virgo.

Ivy Chen
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