Ivy Chen declines using body double for skinny dipping scene

1 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago


According to a report on Asian Pop News, Ivy’s agency requested for only a few female crew to be present and forbade any phototaking before filming commenced.

However, many netizens wondered if it was a publicity stunt from the filmmaker when photos of the scene were exposed and leaked on the Internet.

Ivy's manager said that they had made an agreement with the production company not to use the naked photos as a publicity and she confirmed that nobody took any photos during the filming.

According to the production company, it was likely to be screenshots from the scene, as no photo-taking was allowed during the filming.

In response to the incident, Ivy Chen -- who decided to bare it all for the scene after learning that filming would be done at a distance and only her back would be seen -- said:

"Why didn't they edit the photos to make me look prettier?"

Original article:

Ivy Chen won Best Actress at the Taipei Film Festival with the film HEAR ME. Earlier in new film GIRLS (directed by Barbara Wong Chun Chun), she had another breakthrough.

In the movie, she was determined to explore the Mainland market. Heartbroken, her character decided to go skinny dipping as a release in one scene.

Before the shoot, Barbara Wong asked her if she would like a double but Ivy Chen declined. She even said that she was fully confident in her body, reports Hktopten.

She also revealed having gone to England with a friend after a breakup. She then asked the director if she had learned about her past before adding this scene. 

On the day of the shoot, the temperature was around 10 degrees Celsius and only female workers were on hand. As soon as the director gave the order, Ivy Chen walked as she removed her clothing and got into the water naked.

After the shoot, Ivy Chen still asked the director if she wanted another take despite shivering when she got out of the water. Barbara Wong said that she could move a little better. For perfection, she did another take. 

In another scene, Ivy Chen argued with friends Fiona Sit Hoi Kei and Yang Zishan. Ivy Chen was so emotional that tears covered her face.

After the shoot was over, she still could not stop crying and needed her co-stars to comfort her before she calmed down.

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