IU's new drama comes under fire

15 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

IU's new drama is taking flak for having a main character with the same name as a Korean national heroAccording to a report on www.jpopasia.com, the new KBS 2TV drama "You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin", is facing resistance from the youth organization "DN" (Designed Nation) for taking attention away from an important historical figure with the same name.The historical figure Lee Soon Shin was born in 1545 and became one of the nation's greatest military figures. He is best known for his victory at the Battle of Myeongnyang on October 26, 1597, a naval battle that saw a Korean fleet of 13 ships hold a narrow strait against 133 Japanese ships. Despite being greatly outnumbered, Lee Soon Shin managed to win the battle.Although the military leader is common knowledge for most Koreans, "DN" is concerned that young citizens and people abroad will no longer associate Lee Soon Shin with the naval commander, but instead with the drama, IU, and other figures associated with the show, allowing an important part of the country's history to become forgotten. To prevent this, the organization has called upon the courts to ban the show from using his name.KBS has stated that they are aware of the group's wishes; however, it does not seem as though they will be submitting to the organization's desire to change the show's title and the main character's name.After the show made its debut this week, Korean netizens began criticizing the show due to some of the remarks made in the show. Lines that mentioned the main character, Lee Soon Shin, in a critical way were interpreted as underhanded criticisms towards the general, something KBS representative say just isn't true.

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