IU tells T-ara’s Jiyeon that solo career will be lonely and hard compared to band life

22 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

During the press conference for her solo debut at the Core Contents Media’s practice room recently, T-ara’s Jiyeon revealed that IU gave her the most support during her preparation for her solo debut.

IU had told her about the differences between promoting solo and promoting in a group, saying, “It will feel very lonely and will be very hard for you to do this alone after promoting in a group.”

She had also advised Jiyeon not to go for a sexy concept for her solo debut.

At the press conference, Jiyeon mentioned that she had some say in the album, reports allkpop.

“I wanted a mannish concept and the company president wanted a sexy concept,” she said, adding that she thinks the company took about 30% of her opinion into consideration.

She then mentioned that Kahi is the person who tried the concept she really wanted.

When asked about the difference between going solo and being in T-ara, she replied, “It’ll seem different as soon as you see it. It’s a different style from T-ara, so the performance in itself will be different. Make sure you watch the performance.”

As for her ultimate goal, she said with aegyo, “I would like my solo promotions this time to not be the last. I don’t know why I want to hear so badly that I look cool.”

She added that she would prefer to be called a really cool woman rather than hear she is sexy.

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