IU shows you can look good after a flight

4 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Who says you have to look weary after a long flight? IU shows it's possible to look fresh and perky -- even after stepping off a plane.An online community board post titled ‘˜IU‘˜s airport shots, [she] looks so pretty even without makeup‘˜ has captivated her fans.The photos were taken on Feb 27 when IU was at the airport heading to a scheduled appointment. Despite wearing little to no makeup, the idol still looked perky and bright.Furthermore, those who saw the photos noticed IU giving a bit of fan service. The idol glanced over at her doting fans, flashed them smiles and posed for their cameras. IU’s drama ‘˜You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin‘˜ will begin airing on the 9 March.

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