It's official: Lawrence Ng makes announcement about divorcing wife

30 October 2014 / 1 year 12 months ago

Unfortunately for Lawrence Ng and his wife Shi Yang Zi, getting a divorce might be the better option, as they can’t seem to resolve their differences.

Earlier reports stated that the couple had difficulty maintaining their marriage as they were living apart most of the time. Reports also said that Yang Zi wanted to pursue her acting career and neglected her family.

Lawrence recently took his wife and daughter to Malaysia for vacation while he was there for work. Returning to Hong Kong yesterday, Lawrence admitted that he had lived separately with his wife for four years.

According to Asian Pop News, he said, "We are still working hard to resolve the problem, but it won’t be resolved easily."

According to media reports, Yang Zi was seen flirting with many young men at a pub. Although Lawrence is living separately from her, he still tried to protect her reputation. Lawrence said, “Those reports about her are false.”

Just when the public thought that Lawrence could still salvage his marriage, he announced on his Weibo this morning their intention to get a divorce.

“As a man, I did not manage my marriage well. I really can’t escape from this responsibility. For the sake of our daughter, I really do not want to take this last step, but things go contrary to our wishes. It seems that divorce is the most suitable option for us.

"I am deeply sorry and sad! I can only strive to raise our daughter well and gives her the love she needs. I hope to minimize the harm to her. Lastly, I would like to thank our friends who are concerned about us.”

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