It's that bad! Taiwanese premiere of Switch cancelled 'to protect Lin Chiling'

21 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

The Taiwanese premiere of Andy Lau and Lin Chiling's new film Switch has been cancelled at the last minute despite raking in over 250 million yuan (S$51.94m) at box offices since its release.According to a Mingpao report, poor reviews and negative ratings of the movie led to the cancellation of all promotional activities in Taiwan, as organisers took precaution against Lin Chiling being singled out for criticism.This was done as Andy Lau was unable to make an appearance for the promotinal events in Taiwan, leaving Chiling to be the only one there as target.When she found out about this, Chiling replied through her manager Dannis, "Thank you film company for being attentive!" In fact, netizens have already started flaming Chiling online. Some joked about her ambition of being seen as a 'blue and white porcelain' rather than a 'flower vase', saying that she can only be a 'flower pot' now.However, many also praised how well Lin Chiling maintained her figure. Her manager also chipped in on this, saying: "Lin Chiling concentrated on her acting job and completed the director's requests. She should happily accept good responses, humbly accept criticism, respect and coordinate with the film company's decisions".Despite being a financial success at the box office, Switch landed countless, bad reviews still.Many people pointed out production flaws such as the director's skills, the plot, and editing.Some even pointed out that this film was like a product placement promotional films and "the most rotten of rotten films". When asked about the film being labelled as 'rotten', Andy chose to bear the brunt of criticism."It's very fair for people to want to criticize, only every film has its own fate. I hope this film's word of mouth wouldn't affect Blind Detective's performance because the two films have nothing to do with each other."If you want to blame someone, blame it on 'Andy Lau'. Please do not add it to BLIND DETECTIVE."

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