It's back to action and romance for Aaron Kwok this year

10 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Source: tvbnewsworld.blogspot.sgWith the highly successful Cold War taking in almost $43 million, Aaron Kwok is looking towards his crop of movies this year. He revealed that a Cold War sequel will start production at the middle of this year, with the original team as well as some new characters. He also said that since the film had performed well, he would be more careful with script selection. "This year I still have several movies, I hope to able to make a romance and an action film." In his March Hong Kong Coliseum concert, Aaron had said that the content, arrangement and costumes will be just like an all new concert. However he will keep the mid air dance segment and the stage will be more exciting than the one before.

Hong Kong
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