It's army days for SE7EN come March

28 February 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

SE7EN has announced today that he will be enlisting in the South Korean military starting in March.According to an report, the singer will be holding a final concert before his enlistment titled "Thank U" on March 9 at the Seoul Center of Education and Culture. SE7EN will be announcing the exact date of his enlistment during the concert.SE7EN will be spending 21 months as an active duty soldier stationed in Uijeongbu. Although he qualified to be part of the military public server team, the singer has opted to enlist as a regular soldier.Celebrities in the military, particularly those in the PR team, have been under public scrutiny due to the perception that they receive special treatment. Outrage reached high levels at the beginning of the year after Rain was found guilty of abusing his position to get free time to spend with his girlfriend and photos showed the stark contrast between the lives of celebrity and non-celebrities soldiers.

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