Irritated Raymond Lam snaps at reporter over questions about his relationship

23 October 2013 / 3 years 1 day ago

It seems inevitable to not bring up Karena Ng in any interview with Raymond Lam but those questions got the TVB actor riled up after he was asked about his relationship in a recent interview.

News of Raymond and Karena's relationship surfaced in February, and the former confirmed things in light of what he felt was incessant questioning from the media.

A SkyPost reporter drew the ire of Raymond after asking if he felt his relationship with Karena was too high-profile, which irritated him.

Speaking in an angry tone, Raymond replied: "When have I taken the initiative to talk about my relationship? If the media didn't ask me, I wouldn't mention it.

"Every time I come out, I don't answer the questions on my relationship, but the media still asks anyway.

"I can only thank them for their concern. I cannot tell the media not to write about the course of my relationship.

"They write some and don't write some, (so) its hard to find a balance.

"If you don't say anything, then others will be writing nonsense non-stop but when I make a comment, some people will ask why I commented.

"Some people will even bash you. Will you speak up?"

That outburst aside, Raymond also took time out to talk about the difficulties he faced in wanting to lead a normal life with Karena.

He said: "A friend asked me before, will we take a walk on the streets? I asked the friend back: 'don't you take scrolls on the streets when your dating?'

"We are people too, so how can we just stay at home? But he then told me: 'I take scrolls on the street, but I'm not a celebrity'."

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