Irene Ang: My neighbours thought I was going to become a prostitute...

16 June 2015 / 1 year 4 months ago

Local comedian and CEO of talent agency FLY Entertainment, Irene Ang, hides a painful past, but it's one that gave her the strength and drive to succeed.

The New Paper reported that Ang and her brother sometimes had no roof over their heads during their childhood. Ang's mum and dad were both addicts –- the former to drugs, the latter to gambling.

Her mother, a former nightclub singer, would take Ang to drug dens. There she would have to wait for her mother, sitting in rooms with burnt foil and other discarded drug paraphernalia.

Now, not only is Ang boss of her own entertainment company, both her parents are currently in her employ, though not together. Her mum works as a cook and her dad works as a driver for the businesses that she owns.

Ang said: "You know what my neighbours said about me last time? They said that I was going to turn out to be a drug addict like my mother, or a prostitute.I proved them wrong."

Read the full story on The New Paper.

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