International students rank appearances of Miss A members

16 November 2012 / 3 years 11 months ago

Source: AllKpopThe result of miss A members ranking by international students will be revealed on the upcoming episode of ‘˜All the K-Pop‘˜.The new episode will reveal the results of a survey the program held recently in which 100 international students currently attending Yonsei University were asked to rank the members of miss A based on their looks.It turns out Suzy took first place while Fei, Min, and Jia took second, third, and fourth respectively. Excited with the results, Suzy left a message of gratitude towards the students saying, “Hi guys. Thank you. I love you,‘ and blew a kiss towards the camera.There was a little twist in the end though, for Min and Jia received gift cards worth around $1000 USD and makeup sets, stirring the jealousy of Suzy and Fei.

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