International stars grace red carpet at ScreenSingapore

5 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago
Source: AsiaOne

SINGAPORE - The cast of the new triad movie The Last Tycoon all but quake in their boots when leading man Chow Yun Fat appears on the scene.

Speaking at a press conference, actress Yolanda Yuan professed to be nervous upon their very first meeting, and actor Xin Baiqing said gushingly that it was a dream come true to act with Chow.

But the man himself said there's never any need to be in awe of him.

"Even though (fellow cast members)...shake when they see me, when I see them, I'm actually nervous on the inside, too," said Chow, grinning widely.
He added: "If I make a mistake, they'll think Chow Yun Fat isn't so great after all.
My pressure is greater than theirs."
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