Intentional? Check out Japanese actor's unfortunate T-shirt choice on live TV

4 September 2014 / 2 years 1 month ago

Osamu Mukai, a well-known drama and commercial actor in Japan, recently caught the attention of online users for his unfortunate choice of T-shirt on live television.

According to an article in, an eagle-eyed Twitter user noticed the phrase on the actor's shirt and took a screenshot of it, thus 'immortalising' Mukai’s unfortunate fashion choice for the world to see.

It is unknown if his fashion faux pas was intentional; his shirt boldly declared: “PLEASE TRUST ME. I AM A**HOLE.”

The article states rather humorously that if the sentence was at least grammatically correct, it could have passed off as an ironic statement.

In the screenshot, Mukai is pictured standing next to an actress looking down at something and laughing.

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