Insiders' info revealed: Park Bom will NOT film 'Roommate' due to scandal

6 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

2NE1's Park Bom will not be filming 'Roommate' next week, reports allkpop.

Broadcast insiders were told by Park Bom through YG Entertainment, "I'm very sorry to everyone because of the incredible controversy because of me. I don't have the confidence to film 'Roommate' like normal with how horrible I feel right now."

A high ranking insider in YG Entertainment told OSEN, "Park Bom left for Japan on the 5th for 2NE1's arena tour. She minimized outside contact before she left. I heard she told her apologetic and anxious feelings for the 'Roommate' crew to a friend.

"Park Bom herself liked the program and worked hard, and the other celebrities and staff worked the hardest on their filming, so she must have been even more disappointed."

According to OSEN, all of the filmed episodes with her have been edited, so she will still appear on the upcoming episodes.

However, other media have reported that her appearances on the episodes that she has already filmed are still in the air and that SBS is deciding what to do.

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