The insane preparations Andy Lau had to go through for upcoming film

15 March 2015 / 1 year 7 months ago

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Hoping to increase awareness in child trafficking, Andy Lau personally invested in the film 'Lost and Love' . Starring as a farmer who tries to locate his missing 2-year-old son over the course of 15 years, Andy was moved by the script and wanted to help the cause.

“In the 1960s and 1970s, there were a lot of child kidnappers in Hong Kong. This is now a big problem in Mainland China,” said Andy.

Signing on board although Lost and Love is headed by new director Peng Sanyuan, Andy’s goal is not to produce a blockbuster. “It’s not a tear-jerking movie, but it’s about the reality that society faces. Losing a loved one is devastating enough already. A poor farmer having to spend his entire life looking for a lost family member–even though he knows there may be a fruitless ending–showcases a rare hope and belief that everyone should reflect on. If a movie about child trafficking can help save a least one child or family, then the movie is worth it in the end.”

To transform successfully into a poor farmer for the film, Andy underwent a rigorous diet to lose weight and spent seven days in the sun to darken his skin. Finding old clothes and shoes that a real farmer had worn, Andy said, “I wore this set of clothes for three months, and only washed them once as required by a scene in the movie.” From head-to-toe, even the smallest details were attended to. “Farmers don’t have a set good hands; I had to purposely chip my nails. If I want this to be realistic, I have to immerse myself into the life of my character.”

Andy invested in movie to increase its budget

Although Peng Sanyuan originally planned to complete filming within 40 days, the actual schedule took twice as long and exceeded its budget. Not willing to stop filming midway or affect the outcome, Andy invested his own money to allow the original vision of the movie to be fulfilled.

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