Infinity Challenge cast become cabbies for a day

10 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

On MBC‘˜s ‘˜Infinity Challenge‘˜, the cast members transformed into taxi drivers to spend ‘˜one spectacular day‘˜ with the citizens of Korea, reported All K-Pop.Still cuts from the episode show the members disguising themselves with wigs, moustaches, and glasses. During their mission, some passengers recognized the members immediately, while others looked at the drivers’ faces but still couldn’t recognize them.Gil, who’s a judge on ‘˜Voice Korea‘˜, installed a karaoke machine to sing with anyone who rode his cab, while Jung Jun Ha prepared decorations for his taxi.The cast shared, “In a unique place like a taxi car, we were able to get close with a variety of citizens including students, adults, foreigners, and more to share honest stories. It was definitely a ‘˜spectacular day’.‘Check out this and other candid pictures of Korean celebrities in the gallery below.

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