INFINITE's Sunggyu has a 'flat and unique butt'

6 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

According to the rest of the members of INFINITE, Sunggyu has the worst butt in his group.During a recent filming for MBC Every1‘˜s ‘˜Weekly Idol‘˜, INFINITE conducted a ‘˜butt ranking’ and shocked fans with a little TMI by revealing, “Dongwoo likes to touch the members’ butts often," reports AllKpop. He then put his interesting habit on display by touching the other members’ butts and reviewing their behinds. The other members seemed uncomfortable throughout and responded, “This feels weird.‘Dongwoo then chose Sunggyu as the member with the worst butt, sharing, “[Sunggyu has] a flat, unique butt. If he sits on my knees, it hurts,‘ and all Sunggyu could do was bow his head in embarrassment.

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