Infinite’s L told by manager not to laugh

12 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

On a broadcast of SBS’ radio show “Jung Sun Hee’s ‘˜A Night Like This’,‘ Infinite revealed that their manager told the “visual‘ member of the group, L, to not laugh in front of the camera.The host Jung Sun Hee, noting that L was laughing a lot that day during the show, said, “When he doing nothing, he is ‘˜L,’ but when he laughs, he turns into ‘˜Myungsoo', reports Soompi.“Myungsoo‘ is L’s real name and in Korean society, sounds relatively more unsophisticated than “L.‘ So being the “visual‘ member of the group, Myunsoo was given the name “L‘ as his stage name.In response to Jung Sun Hee’s comment, the members of Infinite responded, “You’re right. That is why our manager wouldn’t let L laugh. So L had to turn around and laugh when something was funny. He couldn’t take his shoes or even his jacket off when he wanted to. In fact, one day, L took off his shoes at the hair salon and the members were all scolded with the words, ‘˜Do you think this is a bus terminal?’.‘L added, “I was stressed out a lot in the past because of this,‘ and revealed that he released the stress by thinking, “I like to see the other members laughing.‘View the gallery below to see photos of other stars laughing.

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