Indonesian girl's family blames soap opera for her death

28 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

A 9-year-old leukemia patient died while a soap opera was being filmed in the ICU of Harapan Kita Hospital Indonesia on Dec 27, according to reports in Indoboom and The Jakarta Post. ‘˜The soap opera stars a young actress named Michelle Zudith. She plays a girl with leukemia who is expected to die before the age of 20,’ wrote the Global Post. When Ayu Tria Desiani ruptured a blood vessel and was rushed to the ICU on Wednesday, Dec 12, the ICU was filled with soap opera crew and Ayu did not survive. Ayu’s family was disturbed by the filming of the soap opera as the room became unsterile and crowded with the crew passing by.Minister of Health, Nafsiah Mboi confirmed the ICU ward was not a legal shooting location. Ayu’s family must prove the link between Ayu’s death and the filming of the soap opera. Even so, the event has become a nightmare for the hospital and the soap opera world in Indonesia. Photos: Indoboom, The Jakarta Post, Youtube screengrabs

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