Indonesian actress declared fugitive after disappearance

27 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

Dangdut singer and actress Julia Perez is a wanted woman. The Jakarta Globe reported that Julia, whose real name is Yuli Rahmawati, was officially declared a fugitive by the East Jakarta Prosecutor’s Office on Tuesday after she missed a Feb 25 deadline to turn herself in.The fiery popstar has failed to serve a three-month prison sentence for assaulting fellow dangdut star Dewi Persik on the set of the 2010 horror film “Arwah Goyang Kerawang‘ (“Dancing Ghost of Karawang‘).The two women came to blows during what was supposed to be an on-screen fight. The footage was later included in the film, which boasted that it featured genuine scenes of violence between the two celebrities. Julia was sentenced to three months in prison for her role in the brawl. She contested the sentence, but the Supreme Court upheld the ruling on Dec 13, 2012. She was scheduled to begin her serving her sentence on Valentine’s Day, but she never showed, the East Jakarta Prosecutor’s Office said. “We sent a summons letter to both of her parents, but, so far, there hasn’t been a response,‘ East Jakarta prosecutor’s office head Andi Herman said. “We believe both summons have been ignored... [so] we concluded that she does not want to cooperate.‘The office will use force if necessary to ensure Julia serves her time behind bars, Andi said. On Feb 13, Julia told the Indonesian news portal “Please just pray and support me,‘ before she disappeared. Her Twitter feed has since gone quiet. Dewi was sentenced to two months in jail for her role in the fight. She has yet to serve her sentence.

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