I'm not a monk: Elvin Ng

17 October 2012 / 4 years 1 week ago

Source: The New PaperIs he or isn't he?Attached, that is.And who's this colleague that he almost dated?Despite the media interest, Elvin Ng (below) would only hint about his love life.The MediaCorp actor has kept his personal life private since he entered show business seven years ago.Like Felicia Chin, he has also maintained a scandal-free, squeaky-clean image.But at the Don't Stop Believin' press conference recently, he opened up a little and spoke about his love interest - or two.Ng, 31, told The New Paper: "Of course, I date; a lot of people date. It's not like I'm a monk, right?"I don't have the best of luck in love, but sometimes I have quite good luck, also."I haven't been single all this while. Is it a co-star? I won't say."There were times we got quite close but we never got into a relationship."When asked whether he is single at the moment, he kept silent.But he did say that he met his love interests mostly through friends as dating colleagues would be a bit too close for comfort. So, no office romance for him.Ng did allow that he's an "MCP" (male chauvinist pig) who prefers partners who are "not wild or hot or sexy" and who look "natural".He joked: "Just cook for me and look after my children. I promise to love you more than a maid."In Don't Stop Believin', he plays a teacher who doubles up as a counsellor to his troubled students, two of whom are played by Ian Fang, 23, and Edwin Goh, 17.Ng said that working with the pair made him feel young again and they even ganged up to "bully" Chin on the set.Once, the cheeky trio pretended to quarrel with one another, making Chin worried for a day.On a more serious note, Ng said that reel life started to mimic real life when he counselled Fang after the younger actor approached him for advice on personal problems.Said Ng: "I tell these newbies not to let the hype get to them as I've seen many an actor come and go."

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