I'm no wedding crasher, says Thai TV presenter Mor Oiy

19 November 2012 / 3 years 11 months ago

Source: Bangkok PostSaucy late-night TV presenter Saruta "Mor Oiy" Reungwiriya has mocked plans by her estranged former boyfriend to hire security guards to protect him and his new lover from her jealous wrath.Mor Oiy, who once harboured plans to marry TV presenter Nattapong "Micky" Chopcheun before the two fell out and Micky found someone else, said she was just a small person who bore no one any ill will."Security guards? How superstar is that!" she said, mocking them for their celebrity-like pretensions.Micky and his new lover, co-presenter Kanokladaa "Pias" Vichakul, last week told the media they intended to marry on March 2 next year.Pias said she had heard from friends that Mor Oiy, also known as Jenny, intended to crash their wedding, and bring along a funeral wreath to curse their union.Micky shrugged off the wreath threat, and said the couple would hire guards if necessary to keep her out."Let's hope the wreath is beautiful, if she must bring one. A wreath won't necessarily curse our marriage. It's another way of offering best wishes _ just more creative than most," he joked.The couple are fighting Mor Oiy in court over a defamation dispute.News of Micky's relationship with Pias first emerged in June, as Pias lodged a harassment complaint with police against an internet poster whom she identified as Mor Oiy.She alerted Bang Khen police after a Facebook user identifying herself as "Jeniya" accused her of stealing her boyfriend and duping him. Mor Oiy denied she wrote the inflammatory messages, claiming a loyal member of her fanclub was merely getting carried away.Mor Oiy, who opened up about the end of her relationship with Micky after Pias' visit to police, says she and Micky parted some months before because he was unfaithful. She also accused Micky of pocketing 500,000 baht she gave him as the bridal price for their aborted wedding to buy a Harley-Davidson motorbike.The pair were together for two years, but Mor Oiy insists she is not bitter that it didn't work out."We had the wedding dress made, and had ordered wedding cards from a shop in Thong Lor," she said back in June."We were living together, even though we were not married, in our own condo. We never tried to hide it."Micky admits the lingering dispute with Mor Oiy is overshadowing his relationship with his new love."We meet at court again this month for more conciliation talks, but I've told the judge I want to fight it to the end," Micky said, referring to the defamation row.Pias said Mor Oiy still criticises the pair on the internet, and publishes doctored photographs of them to make them look bad."Friends tell me what she has been saying, and send me examples of her remarks. I've blocked her on Instagram, but she still seems to follow our every move," she said.The pair had spoken to their families about the Mor Oiy problem."We've spoken to elders on both sides of the family, and my parents have forgiven Mor Oiy," Pias said."Micky's mother is stressed. In the past, she loved Mor Oiy almost like her own daughter, just as she now loves me."Now she is wondering how she could do such a thing," she said.Mor Oiy denies she wants Micky back, and says the pair are just trying to create a buzz for their wedding."I'm not interested in meddling with his life, as I have a new admirer now," she said.Asked about the security guard preparations, Mor Oiy said the couple sounded like actors in a soap opera."Micky likes to portray himself as a wild boy _ why should he be scared of a small girl like me?" she asked.She denied planning to crash the wedding with a wreath."I never said anything about a wreath, as wreaths are for people who have died. Where are they going to die in a hurry?" she asked."If they really want one, I'll present it," she said. "However, wreaths are expensive. I think the money would be better spent looking after sick dogs. I'd make better merit that way."Pias said she was reluctant to criticise Mor Oiy, as she was more senior in years. However, she thought people her age would know better than to pick fights with youngsters."At first I had trouble convincing my parents that Micky was a good person, as they tended to believe what they read in the news. But I just let it go naturally, and now that they know him, they love him."If Micky really is the way she says, everything would have ended by now. If he was really that bad, why would she still be pursuing him?" she asked.

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