If you want to be famous, don't fall in love, says CEO of entertainment company

16 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Do you want love or fortune? The answer to this determines how successful a young star would be in his/her filming career.According to the CEO of Metrowealth Internaional Group (MIG), David Teo, the condition set for artistes in his company is this: they are not allowed to have a romantic relationship if they were to sign a contract with his company."A lot of people are not aware that love is a threat to the career of artistes, especially for those that are new in the business and would like to make a name for themselves in the local entertainment scene."Many don't understand this and think we are cruel, but the intentions we have are to build the artiste's reputation till he/she becomes a millionaire."Look at the artistes who violate this condition. Where are they now in their careers? Nowhere," he says in a report in mStar online.Teo adds that for the celebrities who follow the conditions set, many of them become successful in their careers and are then given more leeway when it comes to their plans of building a family."When these artistes in MIG reach a certain level, they are allowed to fall in love because that is when they are mature and wise in choosing the best life partners for themselves," said Teo.In addition to this, he feels that it's strange that many young, artistes agree to the conditions set before signing the contract but after that, break the rules."It is in the contract that these young stars are not allowed to be in a relationship for a certain period of time."Normally, they will agree to this just for an acting opportunity."There are others who merely use MIG as a stepping stone for them to become famous easily and therefore agree to the terms of the contract, but break all the conditions after that," he said.He said that he believes that only the best artistes will stay in MIG and therefore does not feel a loss when an artiste decides to leave the company.Among the popular artistes that are represented by the company are Yana Samsudin, Wawa Zainal, Farid Kamil, Anah, Along Cham, Nora Danish and Shaheizy Sam.

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