If you think Japanese girl's no-makeup photos were bad, you'll be shocked to see these Korean girls'

13 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

The Internet was abuzz with news of a Japanese girl's dramatic transformation after removing her makeup recently, but if you were shocked by that, you should see what Korean girls can do with makeup.

On a Korean TV show, a portion of which was uploaded onto YouTube, girls were handpicked and asked to appear on the show without all their makeup.

Photos of them expertly made up were shown to audience members first, and when their true selves were revealed, even the hosts looked stunned.

One of the girls who bravely appeared on the segment revealed that her transformation was thanks to a heapload of makeup that accentuated her eyes, as well as various photo editing tools to slim down her face.

Angling when taking photos, it seemed, was also of vital importance.

Check out screengrabs of the video in the gallery below.

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