This idol group may be a hit in China, but their members share a secret

27 January 2015 / 1 year 8 months ago

In Asia, female idol groups are a dime a dozen. That is why unique acts like Chinese idol unit Alice Weiniang Group are able to make it into the spotlight.

You see, in addition to having style and looks, the members of Alice Weiniang Group have something no other Asian idol girl group does.

That’s right, every member of the 200-strong idol team is male, report RocketNews24,, Xiangshan Park and Weibo.

Weiniang literally means “fake lady,” or cross-dresser, so we might better refer to them as “Alice Cross-Dresser Group.”

The group was formed in October 2009 and is based in Wuhan, the provincial capital of Hubei in central China.

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