Identity of former F4 member Ken Chu's GF exposed

15 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

Last week, Ken Chu was spotted dining with a long-haired woman in Taipei.

According to media reports, the woman is identified as Chinese model, Jia Xinyu.

She is the darling of Chinese magazines and is known for her voluptuous figure. She has even participated in topless photo shoots.

According to an article in Asian Pop News, when the identity of his new girlfriend was exposed, he confessed to the romance.

He said: "She is nice. I appreciate her talent and hence we hang out together. Please give us our private space."

Yesterday, netizens uploaded photos of Ken and a woman. He was seen kissing her and a netizen even said: "Congrats Ken and Xinyu! Love bravely, be together."

The photos were reportedly taken during a birthday celebration for Xinyu.

Although Xinyu's assistant has admitted that the woman in the photo is Xinyu, Ken's manager has challenged reports and said: "The woman in the photos is Ken's ex-girlfriend. They have broken up. To protect and respect her, we will not disclose her identity."

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