'I won't go to Hollywood because they don't respect us': Andy Lau

27 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

"I am not interested! Hollywood has racial discrimination," said Andy Lau when asked about whether he has been involved in Hollywood productions.Many Chinese stars have flocked towards the Hollywood productions in recent years. Iron Man 3 also featured Chinese stars Fan Bing Bing and Wang Xueqi although both were eventually reduced to playing cameo roles in the blockbuster movie.Speaking to reporters at the Cannes film festival, Lau expressed that he was not at all interested in participating in Hollywood movies, reported Ettoday.The Hong Kong star said: "Hollywood only wants a piece of the China pie, but they do not respect the Chinese artistes."Andy also shared that he is currently writing a script to fulfil his dream of becoming a film director.He vowed to produce a film to showcase the capability of Chinese directors."I must produce a high quality movie to show the world", he said.Andy also expressed his interest to work with Life of Pi director Ang Lee."He has even approached an Indian. Why hasn't he approached me!"Meanwhile, Andy is also recommending Ang Lee to chair the judging committee of the 50th Golden Horse Awards this year.

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