I have no moral objections to plastic surgery, says Felicia Chin

4 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

At 28, Felicia Chin is in the full bloom of her womanhood - and competing with comely starlets a decade younger. Her World asked her if she's ever been insecure about her appearance, and she responded with poignant candour:

"It's been a long journey of self-discovery, but I'm happy with the way I am now." "Everyone has physical flaws. No one's perfect, whatever 'perfect' means."

Gesturing at the well-lit expanse of the yoga studio we're chatting in, Felicia says: "Recognise that there's an upper limit to perfection, then try to improve upon the areas you're dissatisfied with through exercise and eating right."

Felicia acknowledges that a great deal of effort is involved in looking presentable - don't be lazy, ladies - but she also takes pains to emphasise her everything-in-moderation stance towards beauty:

"It's more important to enrich myself in other areas. I don't want to be a pretty shell with no substance within." Good advice to live by, fellow Felicians.

Saying that they have no qualms with aesthetic augmentations has almost become a stock answer for celebrities but Felicia's version seems to be a nuanced and genuinely heartfelt one:

"I've no moral objections to plastic surgery. If the results make you feel good, why not.You just have to be really careful and grounded so you don't become addicted to the process."

"If a little chemical peel here and there makes you feel good, there's no reason to care about what others may say or think of you."

Perhaps alluding to the relentless scrutiny female stars are subjected to, Felicia adds: "Your face and body are your own, and you owe others no explanation as to what you choose to do with them."

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