I feel sorry my relationship is affecting the public every day: Bosco Wong

27 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

It has been a tough period for Vanessa Yeung after she was revealed to be dating Bosco Wong.

The model has been plagued by huge speculation, with her 'elder sister-younger brother' relationship with Bosco taking huge prominence. She was also rumoured to have her eyes set on a friend's boyfriend, and that she has an illegitimate daughter.

This has led to Yeung taking time off from work, reportedly to get away from the public eye.

When quizzed about all that has been going on, Bosco said: "There is a different story everyday, so many that it's boring out the audience."

He added: "Vanne's exhausted so she's just taking a break. Don't come up with so many stories. Let us handle it.

"I feel sorry that we're affecting the public everyday. This is a relationship between two people (so) why do we have to explain to the public?

"There is no need to be concerned about us."

However, he said that it has also been a while since the couple last saw each other.

"How can we? Even friends aren't willing to go out with me. I don't even have a normal social life and I have to work," he explained.

He got defensive when asked about whether he has taken Yeung to meet his god mother, who went on record saying that they have broken up.

"It is not necessary for me to be so clear about this. Give me some space.

"I sell my skills, not myself." 

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