'I even thought of going to a sperm bank': Ann Kok opens up on plans to have kids

26 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

At 40, is local actress Ann Kok past the age for marriage and kids? And is she still harbouring hopes of meeting Mr Right?

When it comes to marriage, Ann Kok says she is "past the phase" of getting married and having babies.

She says although it was part of her plan in her late twenties and early thirties, "it didn't happen that way for me."

However, Kok did think of having a child.

"I even thought of going to a sperm bank," the actress candidly revealed in an interview with The Straits Times.

But after "looking at my siblings' children", and considering how hard it would be to be a single parent, she dropped the idea.

In the two-part interview aired on RazorTV, Kok also touched on the amount of attention that is focused on her body, rather than her acting.

She said: "I was quite upset when people keep focusing on my body instead of my acting.

"So, I actually told myself that i wanted to try my best to let them focus on my acting.

"They still talk, but at least they do me justice now. They now think 'Ok lah, she can act'."

Moving away from her physical appearance, Kok went on to talk about how she is not as fierce as what others may perceive her to be.

Describing herself as "playful in a good way", she did concede that she can be demanding when it comes to work because she wants people to see her best work.

"In a way, people may thionk I ask for a lot of things but actually I just want my work to be good.

"I'm not that scary lah. I'm not fierce lah, actually. Yeah, I'm very soft at heart.

"I thought everyone thinks I'm fierce and that I'm difficult to handle. I've been receiving comments like that. Even fans that I just met will tell me: 'Oh you look fierce. You are not what we thought you are'," she added.

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