'I did not push Aaron Kwok to marry me', says teary Lynn Hung

25 April 2013 / 4 years 2 months ago

A teary Lynn Hung confirmed her split with Aaron Kwok yesterday, but the model denied talk that she had kept pushing the actor to marry her.Showing up at a fashion event in a see-through dress, Hung, 32, made it clear the seven-year relationship had ended, Apple Daily said."You have to move on," she said. "When something isn't right, eventually you have to let go."She had hinted at the break-up on Tuesday on Weibo, amid reports of a secret romance between Kwok, 47, and actress Christine Kuo, 29. Asked whether Kuo had come between them, Hung declined to go into the reasons for the split yesterday. "I don't want to hurt anyone. Let bygones be bygones."Kuo was reported to be crying after being branded as a boyfriend-snatcher in the tabloids.Hung said: "I don't know her, and don't want to answer questions about her. I don't know who should cry first."Apple Daily, citing sources, said the cause of the couple's break-up was their differences over marriage. Apparently, for two years, Hung wanted to make things official, but Kwok did not as he did not believe in marriage.In the past six months, he was mostly busy with his concert, and she heard less from him. So the story of his romance with Kuo shook Hung's confidence because she believed it could be true, Apple Daily said. Asked about, the marriage talk, she said yesterday: "I didn't force anyone to do anything."She said she did not push him to marry her because a woman should not have to do it. Might she resume the romance later? "I don't know, thanks," she said, before leaving.At a party for his movie Conspirators on Wednesday, Kwok said Kuo did not have a role in the split.He rebuffed all questions about Hung and lost his cool at one point, saying: "I was ready to die making this movie, but you don't ask me about my work. Can you please respect the actor?"But when he was told Kuo was in tears, he said: "So sad. There's no need to cry. Truth will out."

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