I did not get molested by extra: Aimee Chan

17 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Aimee Chan has come out to put to bed allegations that she got molested by an extra while filming in Malaysia.A still of Aimee's current production, a new TVB series titled outbound Love, showed an extra's hand apparently on the right side of her chest.She was reportedly traumatised by the incident, even relating the incident in tears to boyfriend Moses Chan.However, she has come out to quash those allegations, telling Mingpao: "I'm fine! Nothing like that happened. It's just a matter of the camera angles, we all had a pleasant collaboration. Very harmonious." Mr. Tsang Sing Ming, the Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs for TVB, added: "Catherine Tsang talks to the crew on a daily basis. She knows clearly of what is happening.Today, when we saw the report, we contacted the producer and the crew. Nothing like what the report said happened. The outdoor filming is going smoothly and they are collaborating well. The photos were just a camera angle issue."

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