I actually prefer mature women: Kevin Cheng drops dating shocker

11 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

For twenty years, Kevin Cheng roamed through the entertainment industry, searching for his own identity.

His unsuccessful career as a singer in Hong Kong led Kevin to attempt a new acting career in Taiwan, but when that failed, he returned to Hong Kong to start afresh, reported Cosmopolitan via Jaynestars.

When Kevin accepted his first TVB Best Actor win in 2006, he immediately thanked his mother.

“My mom has supported me for thirteen years,” he said.

Kevin’s success did not stop after 2006, and for the next several years, Kevin continued to reap Best Actor awards in major Asian awards ceremonies.

Kevin’s breakthrough year was in 2011, when his two dramas, Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步驚心> and Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭> attained massive success.

Now one of Hong Kong and mainland China’s more popular television actors, Kevin said his mother can now finally rest at ease.

“My mother has felt more relief in the past several years. When she has time she would play some mahjong and take dance lessons. After suffering comes happiness. I think I’ve justified myself.”

Kevin laughed and said that his mother dotes on him too much, revealing a time when she spent large amounts of money to send him to Canada.

Born in the United States but raised in Hong Kong, Kevin once had the opportunity to go to the United States for college, but he insisted on going to Canada first to find a friend.

“Actually, I was a pretty bad kid. Canada is so big and I wouldn’t be able to find my good friend. I still wasted a lot of my mother’s money.”

Already 43 years old, Kevin admits that he still believes in marriage and looks forward to becoming a father. However, despite his mature age, Kevin does not believe in flash marriages for the sake of getting married sooner.

“I need to wait for the right person to appear.”

He also stressed that he is looking for a marriage partner, instead of a girlfriend.

“We must complement each other well, almost like opposites. That way we would be able to work with each other. I actually don’t like young girls – I prefer women with a bit more maturity.”

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