HyunA has the 'best body among celebrities', says Ga-In

8 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

Ga In is known for her sexy style and when you think of sexy, HyunA and Sunmi, also come to mind. The Brown Eyed Girls member clarified that although their image might be similar, their music is totally different.

According to an article on allkpop, When asked about her thoughts on the former Wonder Girls members HyunA and Sunmi during her interview with Sports Chosun, Ga In commented:

"Both HyunA and Sunmi are dongsengs of mine who I like. Although our images might seem to overlap, our music styles are totally different.

"Because I am close to the starting line now, we might appear even more similar but as time passes, it'll become clear that we're definitely different."

"HyunA and Sunmi definitely have their strong points. It can be said that HyunA has the best body among celebrities. It's a good style for dancing... On the other hand, Sunmi is tall, so she shows a different feeling, which is her advantage."

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