Hyun Bin will give out hugs but not kisses

29 April 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

South Korean hottie Hyun Bin sure is a sweetie.The guy was here for two events - an open press conference at Bugis+ last Friday, and a fan meet at The Max Pavilion at the Singapore Expo last Saturday.At the fan meet, which drew some 2,500 people, the 30-year-old posed for photos, hugged fans and autographed everything from a stuffed toy to a mobile phone, reported My Paper.But the star - who made his name thanks to appearing in hit dramas My Lovely Sam Soon (2005) and Secret Garden (2010), and who returned to the limelight last December following the completion of his military service - drew the line at one stage."No kissing," he said softly, when the event's host and M C , U F M 100.3FM DJ Ah Ken, asked if mouth-to-mouth interaction was allowed.Well, that's to be expected - the guy is devastatingly handsome, and to accede to one such request would open a floodgate.Of course, the star - who came across as earnest and sincere, so unlike the arrogant department- store owner he played in romcom Secret Garden - did have to field questions about his love life.He implied that many are drawn to him because of his fame, as well as because of the characters he tends to play onscreen.When asked what he's looking for in a woman, he said: "Many women like what I'm doing, but they don't, really understand (what I do for a living)... I hope to find somebody who understands."There are plenty of women who are dying to give it a go, Hyun Bin.Onstage, the actor, who has sung songs for TV drama soundtracks, showed off his dance moves, as well as his pipes on three songs.The good news: He could hit the high notes on the ballad That Man, from Secret Garden.The bad news: There was a technical glitch during the dance performance, when the lights were dimmed, and Hyun Bin donned a suit with glow-in-thedark strips attached to it.The lights came on, and he said: "I have to do more to overcome the technical difficulties."He reportedly wanted to start the segment again, but the glitch couldn't be fixed. "Are you a perfectionist?" Ah Ken asked."I think, yes," the star replied. Ah, but that just makes us like you better, Hyun Bin.

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