Hyun Bin stops and greets 700 fans on 15 tour buses

7 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: allkpopAfter completing his discharge ceremony just a day ago on December 6th, actor Hyun Bin is wasting no time getting out and greeting fans!On the bus leaving his discharge ceremony, Hyun Bin asked to stop at a rest stop and got off to personally visit each of the 15 tour buses also stopped there to greet over 700 fans as a surprise event.Hyun Bin had already met with fans and reporters for 20 minutes at his discharge ceremony but didn’t feel that it was enough for all of the fans that had shown up from all over Asia, including Hong Kong, China, and Japan.At his request, he set up a fan meet on the spot at the next rest stop, as fans had been waiting ahead for his arrival. Greeting each fan, he went around saying, “I’m sorry for making you stand in the cold. I hope you didn’t catch a cold‘, and “I really missed you. Thank you so much for coming and waiting here for me. I’ll be greeting you all soon with a great project.‘He made sure to check in with each of the 15 buses waiting for him and thank each and every fan for their support. Hyun Bin did not forget to shake the hand of each body guard that had accompanied him since his discharge ceremony, touching the hearts of many on the scene.

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