Hyosung cries and says there's more to her than her large chest

8 June 2015 / 1 year 4 months ago

Source: Allkpop

Sexy singer Hyosung was the main guest star on the June 6 airing of 'SNL Korea'!  One of her skits parodied the movie, 'Gone Girl,' where she screamed out that there is much more to her than just her large chest.

In the skit, Hyosung decides to put a bandage on her chest, causing the world to go into mayhem while looking for the idol's 'lost' bosoms. News outlets have "exclusives" on the missing bosoms and police departments gather teams in efforts to look her lost chest."

When it was discovered that the singer had actually bandaged her chest to purposely cover her bosoms, her manager scolded, "Why would you do such cruel thing?" To which Hyosung cried in reply, "I don't want to live under their shadows anymore. I'm not my bosom, I am a singer!"

Take a look at the highlights of the video in the gallery below. 

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