Hyorin hits out at women who take photos everywhere they go

15 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

Hyorin does not understand why other women, like some of those who was together with her in Hong Kong for Y-STAR's 'Midnight In Hong Kong' event.

There, SISTAR's Soyu and Bora would continuously stop to take pictures whenever they came upon a pretty or interesting spot during their walks, reported allkpop.

Hyorin would then look back and realise they were not with her before saying to them: "Why aren't you coming?"

Despite the question, Soyu and Bora would ignore her and take a picture in front of things like, say, a pretty alleyway, a mural, or an open cafe.

Unable to bear with such a sight any longer, Hyorin said: "Women..."  Then, she went into detail about female behavior that she could just not understand.

"When at a restaurant, the first thing girls do is take a picture. If you're hungry, you should eat first (rather than take a photo).

"If you're not there to eat, why deprive others of a table at the restaurant just so you can take pictures?"

Even while looking for the restaurant, Bora and Soyu kept taking pictures so Hyorin said in conclusion, "This would be so tiring for men.  If I were born as a guy, I would probably have been really popular."

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