Hugh Jackman talks about having to keep hot bod in X-Men -- by singing a Wolverine musical

6 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

You've seen his role in Les Miserables, and you've seen him as Wolverine in X-Men. But what if you mesh these two characters together?

You get Wolverine The Musical.

In a special segment for BBC Radio 1, Hugh Jackman sings for The Matt Edmondson Show a version of 'Who Am I', with modified lyrics speaking of the hard work he puts in to get his hot bod for his Wolverine role.

He sings:

"Wolverine has all the fans, but what about me Hugh Jackman?

"I'm at the gym doing weights each day, Hugh has to look buff, they say.

"Must I lie, I cannot eat this ice cream anymore."

Guess junk food is neccessary sacrifice for the mutant with the most muscular physique ever.

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