Huang Xiaoming may propose to Angelababy soon

1 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

According to the Hong Kong media, Chinese superstar Huang Xiaoming wants to propose to his girlfriend Angelababy next month in Japan.

The couple have kept their relationship low key for the past three years until last month, when Xiaoming surprised Angelababy with a Lamborghini, reports via Jayne Stars

It was later reported that the Lamborghini was a used car originally owned by Chilam Cheung.

Knowing that Angelababy was upset, Xiaoming decided to give her a genuine surprise by proposing.

He recently entrusted a close friend in Hong Kong to help him purchase a diamond engagement ring, which he plans to propose to Angelababy with when the couple are in Japan in April.

Xiaoming and Angelababy have apparently been contemplating marriage for a while, but Angelababy firmly said that she would only tie the knot with Xiaoming if he became a Film King.

Xiaoming proved himself last year when he won the Golden Rooster and Huabiao awards for Best Actor for his performance in American Dreams in China.

When Xiaoming attended a press conference for his new film, he did not avoid questions concerning Angelababy, and even happily played along with his marriage rumours. He said, “I think we will find our own designer for our wedding apparel."

Does he have a certain wedding gown in mind for Angelababy? Xiaoming smiled and exclaimed, “As long as it’s simple and beautiful!”

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