Huang Wenyong refused to let public see him sick

22 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Right up to his death, veteran actor Huang Wenyong refused to be photographed in a state which showed him sick.

The actor, who shot to fame through his portrayal of the earnest Chinese migrant Ah Shui in the drama The Awakening, died of lymphoma at age 60 on Saturday evening (April 20).

According to a report in Shin Min Daily, Huang cared about his image even when hospitalised, and refused to be photographed while he was sick.

When the actor was in the hospital, he reportedly wore shades to the toilet as he did not want to be recognised.

The actor's children revealed that before their father passed away, he repeatedly gave instructions to not let others see how he looked like after his death.

Respecting his wishes, the actor's children requested that the media not take pictures of their father at his wake.

Photos 1 to 10 of the gallery show celebrities mourning Huang Wenyong's death at the Star Awards show.

The rest of the photos show snapshots at the actor's wake, as well as other related photos.
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