Hrithik Roshan thinks all his superhero movies should be made in S'pore

21 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

Bollywood megastar Hrithik Roshan, is cool and relaxed, not a strand of hair out of place, as he walks into a press conference held on Saturday afternoon at The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore.

The strapping 39-year-old was in town, together with his director-producer father Rakesh Roshan, to promote upcoming movie Krrish 3, the third in a series of superhero science-fiction films.

Hrithik plays the film’s protagonist Krishna, a superhero. It will be released here, and around the world, during Deepavali in November.

Hrithik and his dad, Rakesh Roshan, the director of the film, almost did not make the movie because Hrithik had to undergo brain surgery.

However, Hrithik said the surviving the operation made him feel like a real superhero, and he now wears the symbol of Krrish wherever he goes.

In the new movie, he will be fighting mutants. Both Hrithik and Rakesh said it is a high budget film which aims to match Hollywood in terms of effects and stunts, but still wishes to incorporate Bollywood elements like song and dance numbers.

His dad also mentioned that the Lord of The Rings franchise inspired him to make sequels and develop a superhero franchise in Bollywood.

Hrithik, who is also considered one of Bollywood's best dancers, will be doing his first dance number in seven years for this movie.

The villain's costume in the movie is a metal-frame suit which weighs 28kg, and also the most expensive costume in the movie.

The actor and his dad said that even though the franchise's first movie was in India, it was during the second film, made in Singapore, that his character adopted a superhero personna.

As such, they think 'Krrish was born in Singapore', so all the superhero movies in this franchise should be made here.

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