Hrithik Roshan is more good-looking than me: John Abraham

6 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: The Times of IndiaIn an interview with The Times of India, John Abraham recently stated that he thinks Hrithik Roshan is better looking than him.Here is an excerpt of the interview."Are there people in the industry you are close to?""I am very close to Karan Johar and he is someone I talk to. His problem is that he is the agony aunt for the entire industry. With me, he does not have to listen to the woes and the politics that goes on in the industry as he knows that I am fiercely detached from that space. "For me, I look at someone from the way the person takes care of his parents and I love the way Karan takes care of his mother. One man I look up to and who I love and whose word I take is Aditya Chopra as he has always positioned me rightly, be it in Dhoom or New York. "When I am in a fix, I will pick up the phone and talk to Adi. "Uday, Hrithik and I are classmates from school. I am fiercely protective about Hrithik. We never talk about work and always only talk about school friends. He is hands down more good-looking than me. "I have seen him graduate from what he was and it makes me immensely happy to see how he has worked on his body and diction. I am also possessive about Abhishek, who was also in my school. "We were in awe of Mr Bachchan, when he used to come to our school. I remember once he came wearing a kurta and a white shawl and we were looking as if someone had come from another planet."

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